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In 1999 I suffered a severe injury that left me with a chronic back and neck problem. I had C3 to C7 cervical disk injury and degenerative condition in my neck. I could not turn my head to the left. My grip strength on the right arm was below normal limits and the left arm was below functional limits. I had a lot of digestive problems and difficulty walking.  I had learned to cope with the pain and loss of quality of life but I was on a lot of medications.

In 2003 due to MSG my esophagus strictured and closed up. One of the reasons it strictured so badly was due to MSG and my weakened immune system. I tried to eliminate MSG from my diet but it was nearly impossible. Its hidden in most foods as spices, natural flavor, high fructose corn syrup, cargeenan etc. By the time the doctors figured out what was wrong my esophagus went from 20 mm to 4 mm for 2 inches of the cervical esophagus. From august 2004 to January 2006 I was only able to drink food that was cooked pureed and then strained. I could not drink milk because it was to thick to drink. All store bought soups contained MSG. Some soup companies will not tell you if they put MSG in their soup but they will say that the company that supplies the soup base does. I had to puree and strain my own organic soup.

Every four weeks when they opened my esophagus it would shrink back to 6mm it was like a stretched out rubber band. I continued to drink only organic foods and fresh fruit, and vegetables that were puree. Finally January 2006 they were able to open it to 20mm and it stayed opened. I still had trouble swallowing food because of scar tissue, swelling, and motility damage. Food was sticking in my throat. The speech pathologist said to turn my head to the right and drink lots of water. There was no way to correct it. I felt like a bloated fish when I ate because of the amount of water I had to drink. In April 2006 I found out about Ningxia red juice and how it   helps with swelling, motility problems, regulates blood sugar and boosts the immunity. The Ningxia Red antioxidant drink fixed my motility problem. I also used Thieves oils on the outside of my throat. I also had esonophilic esaphagitis, which is when your white blood cells attack food because they see it as an allergen which causes swelling and inflammation. I had A.R.T. (allergy retraining technique) allergy clearings done to eliminate my allergies to food, the environment and  esonophilic esaphagitis. I also suffered from M.C.S., acid reflux, I.B.S. hypoglcemia and fibromyalgia. I was on previcid 60mg, fluticesone cortisoid inhaler guituss, diazepam, antibiotics, relafen, and valium. I have replaced that with Ningxia red juice, Sulfurzyme, Peppermint and Lemon oil, enzymes and thieves spray. I used digize oil, Reiki and alkalime at night. I am able to eat normal and swallow normal. Thanks to Young Living Oil.

What helped me with my fibromyalgia was having Raindrop Therapy, Reiki, & Biomat therapy, along with drinking Ningxia Red Juice, Alkalime at bedtime, Multi Greens, Omega-3, Sulfurzyme and probiotics. In addition to Raindrop Therapy I also ate organic and cut back on milk products. The oils I used were Thieves, PanAway, Wintergreen, German Chamomile, Valor, Nutmeg, Marjoram, Ortho Ease, Frankincense and immupower and Deep Relief Roll on.

I put Thieves and Frankincense on my throat. I used PanAway and Deep Relief Roll-on daily on my back and neck. The rest of the oils I put on my feet and back in addition to the Raindrop. I took 4oz of Ningxia Red Juice daily. (After 6 months I was able to cut down to 1oz.) I took Alkalime at bedtime and Probiotics with meals. I took Omega-3 at dinner time. If you have any question please call (585) 663-6454.

AlkaLime® is a precisely-balanced alkaline mineral complex formulated to neutralize acidity and maintain desirable pH levels in the body. Infused with lemon and lime essential oils and organic whole lemon powder, AlkaLime also features enhanced effervescence and biochemic cell salts for increased effectiveness. A balanced pH is thought to play an important role in maintaining overall health.

Sulfurzyme Supplement was specifically designed to support many functions of the body including the immune system. It contains MSM (methyl-sulfonymethane) an organic sulfur; and Ningxia wolfberry and FOS that both support sulfur metabolism in the body.
Why is Sulfur so Important for the Body?
Sulfur is involved with many functions of the body including:

•Cellular waste elimination
•Protection and repair of myelin sheath of the nerves
•Helps to reduce inflammation in the body
•Activates enzymes and metabolizes carbohydrates
•Helps to assimilate vitamins to give us beautiful hair and skin

This is the protocol I used to eliminate Prevacid

  • First do cleansing with Ionic Foot Detox and herbs.
  • 1 tsp Braggs apple cider vinegar with the mother in the morning in a 8oz glass of water.
  • Digize oil on the stomach or the soles of feet and Thieves on the feet in the morning.
  • Put Peppermint oil on the stomach or in water after a meal.
  • Spray thieves in the throat three times a day.
  • Take one level tsp Alkalime in 8oz of water before bed to balance the PH.
  • I used Sulfurzyme (with MSM) to help with metabolic function circulation and boost my body's natural defense.
  • Use Young Living’s Life 5 probiotic in the morning and before bed.
  • Eliminate MSG and chemicals from your food.
  • Pray for Healing


Carol Scheg-Morissette Owner of Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center
Carol Scheg-Morissette LMT A.A.S
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Certified in Sound Healing
Certified Vibrational Sound Massage
Reiki Master/Teacher
Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor
Certified AromaTherapist 
Certified Herbalist
Cranial Sacral Therapy



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